Why Do We Use Concept Mapping?

Visual mapping is the graphical organization and presentation of knowledge. It includes concept maps, mind maps, conceptual diagrams, and visual metaphors. Visual mapping can be done using low-tech paper and pens or high-tech using real-time digital tools. 

If you want to use digital mapping tools to organize your information, you can visit https://www.linkfacts.link/.

While the different visual mapping techniques can be used to accomplish different goals, they can all support the following:

  • Collaborative learning and team knowledge mapping

  • Deeper learning by "enhancing, retaining and improving knowledge" (Davies, 2011)

  • Greater understanding and retention through graphic representations

  • Individual or group work in small or large class settings

  • Assessment of student understanding

Hence, the visual map is a way to take an idea or concept and transform it into a visual aid for better understanding. You can use a series of main ideas that branch into more specific ones, visual maps allow you to see complex information laid out in front of you for a more comprehensive understanding.

When people are able to see images and information that flow into similar topics, the brain is able to comprehend that data better. This not only improves understanding, but you’re able to remember and recall the information much more accurately and precisely.


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