Choosing The Best Local Dog Boarding In Toronto

Even the most dedicated dog owner may occasionally want to go on a vacation that is not appropriate for their dog. At this point, good local dog boarding can be invaluable. A good boarding kennel will make sure your dog has a happy and enjoyable time.

You can visit Torontos trusted dog daycare & dog boarding and contact us from various online resources to get a better idea of how it is. Visit the kennel with your eyes wide open. Take a look around and ask lots of questions.


Ask the staff what their day looks like. Do they run, walk, or do they just get some exercise? Can you bring your dog's bedding and toys from home so that it is easier to transition from home to boarding?

Changes in food can cause digestive problems for dogs. A good shelter will allow you to provide food for your dog. A good boarding kennel will replicate the routine of your dog's home and provide food at the same time. Your dog should always have water at all times.

A good boarding kennel can accommodate more than one dog. It is normal to expect that two to three dogs can board together. However, a facility that can accommodate five to six dogs may not be possible. 

A good dog boarding facility will allow your dogs to spend at least some time together if they have been living at home together.

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