Roadside Service Plans How to Compare Companies

A roadside service plan can be compared to buying car insurance. It is important to ask the right questions and to compare the answers from each company.

When looking for a roadside assistance plan such as, be sure to ask the representatives of each company these critical questions: What coverage is offered, and what it will cost?

What coverage will you get?

Roadside service plans should provide the coverage you can't provide for yourself, and you can't get from your family or close friends. This is the coverage that you will need to get help if you are in trouble. These coverages may include helping to retrieve your keys from your vehicle, fueling you up to go to a station, and getting you to your destination.

What amount will you have to pay?

You want to be able to compare prices and find out how much you will have to pay each month or annually for your roadside assistance plan.

You should ask about any additional fees you might see. These questions should be considered as you investigate each company.

Your company may have a limit on the number of times you can use your plan. If you exceed that limit, will you be required to pay more money?

What is the cost of adding a vehicle to your plan?

If the company charges extra for certain types of coverage, you should determine if these additional costs will affect you and if you are willing to pay them.

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