How To Choose Decorative Concrete Colors

The hardest part was deciding to install decorative concrete in your house. The hard part is over. Now comes the daunting task of selecting your color scheme. It's not a daunting task. The fun part is choosing concrete colors. You will need help narrowing down the many concrete colors available to suit your style and personal tastes. Keep reading to find out some key considerations when choosing decorative concrete colors for your home.

When choosing colors for embellishing tiling in Gold Coast, the most important thing to remember is that sample charts do not accurately reflect the final color once the concrete dries. Color charts can be very accurate as they are based on the actual shade of concrete once it dries. Paint is applied in controlled conditions. 

Decorative Concrete Colors

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Here are some of the ideas for matching the color of floors according to your needs.

Antiquing Stamped Concrete:

You might consider applying an "antiquing finish" to stamped concrete. Stamped concrete will look more natural and two-toned with this highlighting technique. Stamped concrete can look dull and painted if it is not treated with an antiquing agent. To avoid a "muddy" look, it is recommended that you choose two or more antiquing colors. 

Matching Colours:

Choose a color that matches your home or interior decor. Concrete should complement your home's exterior, not dominate it. If your concrete shade is chosen for a stamped concrete patio and your siding is dark brown and your trim is darker, match the trim with the concrete to compliment the exterior theme.

Hot Weather:

While darker colors are more likely to attract heat and the sun, lighter colors reflect it. Concrete colors should be chosen with consideration for hot weather. Because the sun increases the melting rate of snow and other ice, darker concrete colors work well for walkways and driveways.

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