What To Look For In An Investment Newsletter?

Making heads or tails of the stock market can be an extremely difficult thing to do under the best of circumstances. Sometimes it can be completely impossible to know exactly what to invest in. 

Many people turn to online investing newsletters to get ahead of the pack and find investment ideas that they normally wouldn't be able to find on their own.

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There are several immediate problems with these types of newsletters. For one thing, they can be extremely expensive, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. They can be worthwhile if the advice they provide turns into profitable investments. But how can you know that in advance before subscribing?

Another problem is that some of these newsletters try to do little more than sell you other investment products, from investment club memberships to higher priced newsletters, training videos and so on.

First of all, beware of newsletters that make seemingly impossible claims. If someone claims to be able to show you a 100% return on your investment year after year or even a 1000% return on your investment, then look elsewhere. The smartest investors in the world earn no more than 20% a year, year after year, on their investments.

Next, beware of newsletters that don't offer a trial subscription. The only way to know whether or not these newsletters are worth your money is if you can read a month or two of their previous issues and see for yourself how well their advice has worked. 

A newsletter that doesn't offer a trial is usually useless. If they don't trust their own efforts enough to check you out beforehand, their advice probably isn't worth much. Beware of newsletters that make many suggestions for different actions. It's an old trick to suggest lots of different actions and then forget about the ones that didn't work.

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