How to Reprogram Your Voice To Be Effective in Business and Sales

I realize that we can't all sound like professional speakers; however, projection and speech melody are two voice skills that will help you to sound more confident, positive, and persuasive in everyday conversation.

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Projection is the ability to throw your voice into the ear of the listener. The amount of projection and the degree of loudness in your voice depends on how far away from your listener is.

Even if you are talking on the phone with a relatively quiet voice you still need to project. When you project you are sending the signal to the listener that he/she needs to open and pay attention.

Try this exercise, put your index finger and thumb together and make the OK sign. Pretend that the "O" that is formed by your fingers is the opening of a megaphone.

Now put the "O" or the opening of your megaphone up to your mouth and speak into it. You will find that you will take a big breath and use the breath to throw your sound and words into your imaginary megaphone. This is called projecting a well-supported and focused sound. Now combine projection with speech melody.

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