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It is believed that the Dublin secondary (also called post-primary) school year is typically five or six years in length. The students begin their secondary studies around 12 and end their studies at 17, or 18 after having completed two state exams during that time. If you're visiting Dublin for the first time or you're returning from an absence, you could be a bit disappointed by it is difficult to navigate the Irish education system to is very exam-oriented. 

However, numerous modifications and changes have been implemented to the education system in recent years, and a wider variety of options are accessible to students than previously.

Many schools provide students with the possibility of an 'Transition Year' after they've completed their initial three years of secondary schooling. It allows students to explore their interests outside of academics that are either creative, social or connected to the business world. You can choose the best secondary schools in Dublin  for your children's education.

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This gives them the chance to explore and grow before they enter senior cycle, that will take them to take the final Leaving Certificate exam. The examination system has also been changed. In addition, the Intermediate Certificate examination has been replaced by the more flexible Junior Certificate and final year students are now able to choose between three different Leaving Certificate programs. 

They can choose to take the traditional (established) Leaving Certificate or they can select one of the Leaving Certificate Vocational Program or the Leaving Certificate Applied Program, both of which concentrate on a student's greater technological and practical abilities.

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