Understanding Porcelain Dental Veneers

Dental veneers, as their name implies, are the veneers that are placed over the teeth. In simple terms, they're custom-designed tooth covers. The most popular types are ceramic dental coatings which you will learn in the next paragraphs.

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Dental veneers are used to cover imperfections in tooth alignment or missing teeth or even teeth spacing problems. The veneers worn to cover these different applications are generally purchased from dental providers and are then fabricated by dental technicians at dental clinics.

There are two kinds of veneers

1) Porcelain dental veneers 

2) Composite veneers.

What differentiates ceramic veneers from porcelain, as their name implies is the base material that they are constructed from porcelain. Porcelain veneers are made of the substance known as porcelain while composite veneers are constructed from resin.

For the creation of porcelain veneers dentists' measurements for the patient who is looking for them are usually taken at the dental clinic. The porcelain used to make the veneers is typically shaped into a very thin layer by using special equipment, which means that when they are put within the mouth of the patient they are able to integrate with the other components of the formulation for the teeth so seamlessly that no one will be aware of the work applied in the mouth.

The major benefit that porcelain veneers are composite is their durability. It has been observed repeatedly that porcelain veneers are able to last for a longer time than composite ones. For sure, porcelain dental veneers generally cost a bit greater than composite veneers.


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