The Ride1Up Core 5 Can Go Fast And Far

The Ride1Up Core 5 electric bike can reach a top speed of 28 mph while riding on pedal assist 5. If the rider chooses to use only the thumb throttle the Core 5 bike by Ride1Up can reach 20 mph. All of this speed is attributed to the 750 watt continuous output hub motor attached to the rear wheel of the bike. The motor can reach peak power output of 1000 watts for a short burst. Of course this motor wouldn't be able to perform without a battery attached to it, which is why Ride1Up gives the Core 5 electric bike a 48 volts 14.5 amp-hour battery. The battery is a medium size relative to it's competition, keeping the Ride1Up Core 5 eBike relatively light at just 49 lbs in it's stock form. The battery is capable of propelling the Ride1Up Core 5 for about 20-40 miles of ride time, which according to TailHappyTV is significantly impacted by hills, terrain, and rider weight.

In the Ride1Up Core 5 review posted by TailHappyTV, Matt demonstrates the hill climbing ability of this ebike, which performs well in unison with it's 7 speed Shimano Altus shifters. Using the large gear to climb hills allows the Core 5 to comfortable crawl up steep terrain with a mild amount of effort from the rider. The hub motor on the Ride1Up does not perform as strongly as the mid drive counterparts, but considering the price point of just over $1000 many riders consider the Core 5 to be a good value. You can learn more about the Ride1Up Core 5 in the official TailHappyTV review on YouTube.

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