Here Are Some Tips For Safely Mounting Your TV

Best practices for mounting your TV

1. Make sure the TV is properly grounded. If you have an electrician in your household, have them test your TV to make sure it is properly grounded. If not, you can purchase a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet near the TV and connect the ground wire from the outlet to the screw on the back of the TV. 

You can opt for Television mounting services at various online sources.

2. Use a mount that supports the weight of your TV. Many mounts that are marketed specifically for TVs support up to 50 lbs., but some may be able to support more or less weight depending on the model. Make sure you select a mount that can accommodate the weight of your TV. 

3. Choose a mount that is stable and secure. You want to make sure that your TV will not move or wobble while it is mounted. Look

When mounting your TV, follow these safe practices to avoid any potential accidents: 

-Always use a level when mounting your TV. The level will ensure that your TV is mounted correctly and won't wobble.

-Choose a sturdy mounting option that can support the weight of your TV. A mount with four legs or screw holes will be more stable than a mount with two legs.

-Use bolts that are at least 2 inches long and make sure they are tightened securely. Overtightening the bolts could damage your TV.

-Place your TV away from sharp objects such as edges of furniture and corners. If there is space in front of your wall, place the TV on a sturdy piece of furniture so it won't fall if someone trips over it.

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