How to choose a right press release agency

When it comes to choosing a press release agency, it’s important to understand the differences between an outreach specialist and a press release agency. 

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Outreach specialists are typically hired by businesses to generate interest in their products or services. They will spend time searching for potential customers, building relationships with them, and then generating publicity for their clients through media outlets. 

A press release agency, on the other hand, specializes in releasing newsworthy information. They may have a wider range of services, such as content creation, distribution, and marketing assistance. It’s important to choose an agency that can help you meet your specific goals and objectives.

Which is best, a press release agency or an outreach specialist?

When it comes to getting your company's message out there, does one type of specialist do the job better than the other? In our opinion, a press release agency is the way to go. Here's why:

– Press release agencies have a vast amount of experience in putting together great releases. This means that they will have a greater understanding of what makes a good release and how to put it together.

– Press release agencies have relationships with top news outlets and can help you get your story out there quickly. This means that you won't have to spend hours pounding the pavement trying to get coverage for your story.

– Press release agencies often have bulk pricing options, which means that you can buy releases in bulk and save money. This is especially helpful if you are releasing multiple releases per month.

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