With the economy in the dumper and new commercial construction virtually non-existent a good many subcontractors and construction laborers are likely to consider becoming residential renovation contractors.

Historically a large percentage of residential renovation contractors are unqualified, inexperienced, and underfunded even in a good market. Most subcontractors who have made their living in their niche of the construction industry are well qualified for their particular discipline but horribly unqualified to handle an entire project.

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Most are good at what they do but cannot delegate or handle other people effectively. Undoubtedly we will see roofers, plumbers, mechanical contractors, carpenters and even general laborers from the previously booming commercial and new residential construction market begin to tout themselves as general contractors.

In the arena of new construction (especially commercial) many states now have fairly comprehensive testing required before someone can become a general contractor. In the residential renovation market, this is often not the case. Instead, virtually anyone can go to the appropriate municipality's licensing office, pay a small fee and become a contractor.

Is it any wonder there are so many horror stories? Many of these "rogue contractors" have honest and good intentions. Rumor has it that there is a road somewhere paved with such things.

How do you, the innocent homeowner, know who is qualified and who is not? First of all, do not pursue any situation where you feel that you are being pressured into hiring someone. Remember that you are the buyer and they are the seller. In other terms, you are profit and they are overhead. Secondly, disregard all of the verbal pleasantries and polite sales pitches.

Obviously, it is important to be polite and professional but be stern in insisting on names, addresses, and phone numbers of past clients or customers for whom this party has done similar work. At the same time realize that nobody will ever knowingly give you a referral which will be negative.

If the referrals are general contractors (i.e., previous employers) and/or if the projects referenced are not similar to your intended project it is a good idea to find someone else without wasting more of your time. You are about to spend a good bit of money on your project and you don't want to finance someone's learning curve.

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The appearance of a country's airport and the number of passengers who are going in and out is a good indicator of how well it is doing. Many government officials in a nation give priority to making their airports attractive and pleasant. Airports are often considered the gateway of the country. This is why tourists and businessmen alike use the airport to determine if a country has great business potential or has incredible tourist attractions.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport, (ORD), is a great example of the reflections of Chicago's dynamic progress and the state of Illinois generally. It is currently ranked as the second-busiest airport in the world, in terms of passenger traffic. This was just recently overtaken in Atlanta by Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. ORD handles a staggering 77 million passengers annually.

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Most of these passengers are attracted by Chicago's cheap flight promotions. It also transports nearly two million tons of freight each year. In 2008, there were 881 566 aircraft operations. This is an average of 2,409 flights per day. There were also more than 60 flights to international destinations. It employs approximately 50,000 people, creates more than half a millennium jobs in the region, and brings about US$40billion to the economy.

Chicago is not only famous for its O'Hare International Airport but also has a stunning waterfront and beautiful coastline that borders the vast Lake Michigan. Chicago is also known for its rich Gold Coast region and many public parks. You won't want to miss out on any opportunity to visit Chicago. You can find great offers on Chicago cheap flights through your travel agent.

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