Use of Protein Supplements for Men

It's a known fact that men and women have different nutritional and supplemental needs. Multivitamins are the most obvious example of this, but there are some things you should consider when it comes to protein supplements. It doesn't matter what form of protein supplementation you choose. It is what you choose that matters.

Whey proteins and casein are the most popular forms of protein supplementation for men and women. Both come from cow's milk. About 80% of milk protein is made up of casein protein, with the remainder from whey. Both are complete proteins because they contain all essential amino acids. You can order supplements for men online via

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These are the amino acids that the body can't synthesize from other amino acid sources. For bodybuilders and athletes, the main difference in casein and whey proteins is that whey is considered fast, which means that it is rapidly absorbed by the body. It can also be refined up to hydrolysate to increase its bioavailability.

Casein protein, however, is slower to digest and provides nutrients for a longer time. These types of protein are equally appropriate for men and women. The requirements depend on your activity level, goals, and gender. Certain types of protein are less appropriate for men than others. 

Soy protein is rich in isoflavones which have been shown to affect thyroid function and increase estrogen levels in men. This would be a negative result for a male bodybuilder. This is despite the fact that it would take a lot of soy to make this happen. You can't eat tofu every day, or even three meals per day, to achieve this feat.


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