Guide on Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

There are many options for outdoor table tennis tables or ping pong tables. The table's surface can be made of metal (usually aluminum), wood with a thick protective layer, or laminate construction. Legs are typically made from coated metal (aluminum, steel), or well-treated and protected wooden.

Here are some information about the outdoor ping pong tables:

Table-Tops: The best outdoor ping pong tables are aluminum topped ones because aluminum is resistant to rust, hardy, and resists UV damage. Table-tops require a thicker layer to give them bounce. They usually have a wooden outer layer (often MDF), and protective aluminum layers.

Frames: Aluminum frames are often the best choice since they tend to be lighter than steel and solid wood, but have little in the way of strength. 

Performance: The ball's bounce is often a measure of performance. This is because you are already outside, so even the slightest breeze can move the ball. The table's top should be solid and thick to ensure the best performance. 

Maintenance: These tables are strong and durable so they require little maintenance. While it is a good idea for the table to be covered when not in use. 

Accessories: The nets are usually included with the tables. However, in some cases, this net may not be weather-proof so it must be removed after use. 

Other uses: The table's strength and durability mean that it can be used as a regular table. To protect the paint from spillages, it is highly recommended that you at least cover the table in the tablecloth.

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