What Did You Need To Know About Bradford Factor Calculator?

Bradford Factor is a simple formula that permits companies to assign a weighting to absences of employees that are not planned (sickness and doctor's appointments emergency childcare, etc.). 

This Bradford Factor supports the principle that repeated absences can have more of an impact on operations than long-term sick. A-weighting is the impact an event can have on the overall operation of a normal business. For your organization, you can also buy an affordable Bradford points calculator online.

Bradford Factor: 

The Bradford factor can be calculated with the help of various factors

S is the total amount of absences in a single individual

B stands for Bradford Factor score

Bradford Factor allows managers to keep track of absenteeism for any specific time. Many businesses consider the term operating year as a valid timeframe.


The Bradford Factor was first developed by the Bradford University School of Management in the early 1980s The Bradford Factor is used by various companies throughout the world including government agencies (UK Prison Service as an example).

It is a valuable benchmarking tool that allows managers to establish the ability to assess an individual absence of staff. Bradford Factor is a useful tool for managers to establish an assessment score. 

Bradford Factor does not take into consideration any particular factors like disability or a short-term or recurring illness that causes intermittent absences over a number of weeks. However, it can be beneficial for the early detection of issues or as a tracking instrument.

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