All About Auto Detailing Procedure

Restoring a car is a fairly difficult process. Both the interior and exterior of the car require special attention.

Automated Breakdown – This is a thorough restoration, wash and finish job on a vehicle. This includes work both outside and inside the vehicle. In the end, good detail should look good, with impeccable quality and durability. Working out of auto parts is a well paid profession.  You can find the Ceramic Car Coating Services In Thousand Oaks.

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Wash – Wash your car carefully so as not to scratch the paint, this can be done using a two bucket style. The previous wax can be removed and discarded as you will need to touch the sealer and wax. If the engine needs detailing, this must be done first.

Drying – the blower is the ideal tool for drying the car. It is important not to touch the paint to avoid scratching. You can also use other coloring tools, e.g. large microfiber towels with a fairly large thickness.

Clay – You will need good quality clay bars, preferably new ones. Lubricants must also be present in large quantities. Don't forget the details of the headlights, windows, door lights, and even taillights.

Preparation – You need a Clay Spirit to help you prepare. Thoroughly wipe every area you walk through, making sure to remove any residue. Although optional, you may want to wash again after the tone.

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