All About Medical Stents

What are medical stents?

A stent is a small tube that a doctor can insert into a blocked duct to keep it open. The stent restores blood or other fluid flow, depending on where it was placed.

Stents are made of metal or plastic. A medical stent graft is a larger stent that is used for larger arteries. They can be made of special fabrics. Stents can also be coated with medication to prevent occlusion of the blocked artery. You can easily find medical stents manufacturers via

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A medical stent is usually needed when plaque clogs a blood vessel. Plaque is made up of cholesterol and other substances that stick to the walls of blood vessels.

You may need a stent during an emergency procedure. Emergency surgery is more common when arteries in the heart called coronary arteries are blocked. Your doctor will first insert a catheter into the blocked coronary artery.

This allows them to perform a balloon angioplasty to open the blockage. A stent is then placed in the artery to keep the vessel open.

Medical stents can also be useful in preventing the rupture of an aneurysm in the brain, aorta, or other blood vessels.

In addition to blood vessels, medical stents can also open the following channels:

The bile duct is the duct that carries bile to and from the digestive tract

Bronchi are small airways in the lungs

The ureter is the tube that carries urine from the kidneys to the bladder

These tubes, like blood vessels, can become blocked or damaged.

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