Essential Inside Information About Car Rental Accidents

Car rental accident theft should be one of the most controversial issues associated with car rental today. For the careless, it's a  minefield of virtual opportunity for malicious operators to prey on innocent or naive renters.

To begin with, it is a good idea to establish the company's policy with regard to accidents before any agreement is entered into. This includes the "at fault" aspect, the excess situation, the downtime penalties if any, and the check-in and check-out procedures with regard to vehicle condition, to name a few. You can find the best accident car rental via

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The insurance options and ramifications should also be clarified at the same time. Let's deal with the insurance question first.

The general public would usually not be aware that a lot of companies self insure their vehicles. That means that they cover any damage themselves and offset this cost with the excesses they charge the customer. Taking out car rental insurance commercially is a very expensive option for the company. 

This means that the amount of any excess they charge is determined by themselves. Often this is set fairly high so the staff has the opportunity to increase their income by selling excess reduction on a daily basis at the point of hire. 

The overall effect is to boost the average daily rate on every hire and therefore the profitability of the company. It then becomes a decision for you to make as to whether you take the higher daily rate or drive around in abnormal conditions with a high excess.

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