Best Paracord Uses For Survivalists

The parachute cords, or paracord as it is more formally known, is a seam woven of durability, innovation and reusability, all in one package. Even the astronauts on the 82nd Space Shuttle mission used paracord to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

Not only does paracord play a very important role in survival scenarios, but also for the military, law enforcement, outdoor enthusiasts or anyone just going camping on the weekends. To buy paracord accessories visit for various purposes.

Here are the best paracord uses of survivalists:

Tarpaulin construction:- Tarpaulins have become the ubiquitous shelter for sailing and survival, and a very attractive choice for entertainment enthusiasts, survival enthusiasts, and the ready-to-wear.

They are lightweight, small in packs and apart from their obvious use as shelter, they can also be easily improvised for other purposes, be it towing kits, sending injured party members to the ground, stretchers, seats or to create windbreaks. 

To place a tarp for shelter you need a ridge, ideally a rope between two trees or posts and a paracord is the perfect solution.

Paracord rod:- One of the special advantages of paracord over alternatives such as connecting cables and accessory cables is the ability to remove paracord and core from many of its internal fibers.

This abundant fiber is one of the reasons why paracord is so strong. In fact, there's a reason it's often referred to as the "550" paracord; because it can support 550 pounds of weight.

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