Supersprint After Market Exhaust Systems

In the world of high-performance luxury vehicles, BMW and Audi enjoy well-deserved recognition for continuing to maintain the highest standards in automotive technology. For enthusiasts who want performance from this manufacturer but don't have the budget, there is the option of upgrading older models of your favourite car with reliable parts and systems.

Thus, technological advances that can increase production gain or fuel economy may result in a certain level of horsepower and torque sacrifice in the best BMW 1 series exhaust system.

Supersprint, a manufacturer based in Mantova, Italy, has been making high-performance recycling disposal systems since 1955. Through their meticulous process of not only building but actually driving product development to exceed the highest industry standards, Supersprint has forged a reputation that has made them a manufacturer. the most advanced exhaust system available for purchase second hand. Whether you install the system yourself or are willing to pay for an upgraded installation and exhaust system, Supersprint has the fundamental experience to make your investment worthwhile.

Efforts to reduce noise when operating the exhaust system have prompted Supersprint to carry out in-depth testing of its prototype against the standard system found on the latest models from BMW and Audi. In the test sequence, the Supersprint measured the strength of the noise standing up, while accelerating and at different gear levels. 

The Supersprint engineering team has also made dramatic strides in determining the technique for producing exhaust system components to optimize performance.

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