Thai restaurants have something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a delicious and healthy meal or an escape from every day, there's a Thai restaurant in Spokane that will fit your needs.

While some people are drawn to Thai food because of its exotic flavor, others simply enjoy the taste and spices of the cuisine.  If you are looking for Thai food in Spokane visit


Regardless of why you're drawn to Thai food, one thing is for sure: it's definitely worth trying. Here are five reasons why Thai food in Spokane is some of the best around:

  • Authentic flavors – Unlike other styles of cuisine where chefs may use different herbs and spices to create their own unique style, Thai cooking relies heavily on traditional ingredients and techniques. 

  • Variety – Unlike other types of restaurants where you might be limited to a specific type of dish or menu item, Thai restaurants offer an incredible variety of dishes. 

  • Food quality – You might be surprised at how good some simple Thai food tastes! Think about it – tasty curries, fried rice, and noodle bowls are enjoyed by people all over the world.

  • Cravings – Perhaps one of the reasons why people love Thai food is because they have so many ways to satisfy your cravings. 

  • Variety – It’s not just noodles! Thai cuisine also has fried rice and curry dishes that taste great.

While most Thai dishes are large enough to serve two people, they usually consist of a few different ingredients that make the dish special. For instance, the curry comes in a small bowl that is perfect for sharing and the green curry chicken is served on a small plate called “Yam Nua” which is actually not much bigger than half a palm.

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