Add Probiotics To Your Diet For Gut Health

The importance of promoting good digestive track health could not be emphasized enough. It is now believed that as much as 80% of our total immune system is located in the digestive tract, and it can affect allergies, colds, and flu plus a number of immune-related diseases.

We have always intuitively known that the brain sends signals to the gut when we are stressed. Those butterflies in the stomach or indigestion occurring when we are anxious or depressed are signals being sent from the brain to the stomach. You can also get more information about gut health foods via online.

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Keeping a healthy digestive track is more important than perhaps we traditionally have suspected. But keeping it from harm's way is not easy. With the amount of sugar and processed foods that most people devour, put those good bacteria that keep us healthy under constant attack. 

That is where probiotics come in. Our diet over the years has gone from traditionally fermented foods that feed our gut flora to processed foods that kill those same helpful bacteria. 

Reversing this trend to return to fermented foods will provide so many health benefits such as maintaining a healthy balance of microbes in our intestines.

However, when choosing probiotic foods things are unfortunately not all that clear-cut. Many commercial versions of probiotic kefir or yogurt do not have live cultures or are loaded with sugars.

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