Guide on Types of Postnatal Care

There are many different types of postnatal care available to new mothers. Some women opt for traditional medical care, while others prefer a more natural approach. Here are some of the most popular types of postnatal care:

1. Medical Care: This type of postnatal care is provided by a doctor or midwife. It typically includes checkups and advice on breastfeeding, sleep, and recovery. You can also look for antepartum care services through various online sources.

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2. Homeopathic Care: This type of postnatal care focuses on using natural remedies to promote healing. Homeopathic care providers may also offer advice on diet and lifestyle choices.

3. Ayurvedic Care: This ancient form of postnatal care is based on the principle that physical and mental health are interconnected. Ayurvedic caregivers often use massage, herbal remedies, and yoga to help new mothers recover from childbirth.

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine: This type of postnatal care focuses on restoring balance in the body through acupuncture, herbs, and diet.

5. Naturopathic Care: This type of postnatal care emphasizes prevention and the use of natural therapies to promote healing. Naturopathic caregivers may also offer lifestyle advice, such as stress management techniques.

Postnatal care is the help and support you get from healthcare professionals and your family and friends after you have a baby. It usually starts when you go home from the hospital or birth center. 

Most women feel tired and need help with everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning after they have a baby. Postnatal care can also help with any physical problems you may have, such as healing from stitches or pains in your tummy or back.

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