Digital printing takes much less time than traditional printing methods. This is a huge advantage. The digital printer is the best option if you need to print business cards or presentation materials for an urgent client meeting. You can also hire a digital printer in Vancouver via many online sources.

Digital presses do not require the same preparation as traditional litho presses. Plates are not required to be made, rollers need to be inked and registrations and positioning can be checked. Ink drying takes only minutes.

Which Commercial Printing Option is Best for Your Business

Digital printing refers to many types of printing equipment, including a Hewlett Packard desktop printer and an Indigo press that weighs in at two hundred thousand pounds (sterling). Both are digital printers. However, the quality and cost of each are quite different.

Many people don't realize that there are so many options. Your printing may be of poor quality if the printer you choose uses only high-end Indigo presses. You might also end up with poor-quality, low-cost desktop prints if your local copy shop is your first choice for digital printing.

These are your top three options when you're trying to find the best digital printer to print your business cards and other documents.

Indigo Digital Press

Indigo, the global leader in digital printing, is the big Kahuna. Hewlett-Packard took over Indigo in 2001. The name has become synonymous with high-quality, but expensive digital printing.

Konica Minolta Digital Printers

The medium-range is a cost-effective but high-quality option. The high-quality output of Konica Minolta’s Magicolor series of color laser printers is what makes them stand out. Konica Minolta is the most affordable option for digital printing. They are low-cost, high quality, and can be printed quickly if you need them to print your business cards, training manuals, or presentation.

Desktop printers and copiers

Most homes have at least one desktop printer. Every business has one. Many people are unaware that the printers used by local copy shops to print their business cards may be the same as those in their homes and offices. Although this might be called digital printing, it is not the same as Indigo or Konica Minolta presses. This is a bad choice for most business needs.

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