The Top 3 Gaming News Sites

During the past decade, the video game journalism community has undergone great changes in terms of focus and emphasis, shifting away from the traditional focus on games’ playability and overall quality of experience to focus instead on political and social issues such as how people are represented in video games. Other problems in the video game journalism community have been ethical, with major websites having been revealed to have financial ties to gaming companies, and report on content not with the gamers’ best interests in mind, but rather their own personal profit. Although it is difficult to find objective video game coverage that is also comprehensive from a single source, there are three reputable sources of video game news still available for the modern player.


One of the oldest and most established sources for video game journalism, GameSpot continues to provide extensive coverage of video game industry events and conferences such as E3. Established in 1996 by Pete Deemer, Vince Broady and Jon Epstein, GameSpot has won numerous awards in previous decades for excellent in video game news and reporting.


Destructoid is a website that covers all things related to gaming and publishes a lot of reviews. They have an excellent scoring system and write from a clear perspective which makes it easy for users to account for writer bias and also their own personal taste. If a Destructoid author doesn’t share a particular reader’s enthusiasm for a game, chances are they still know of and are likely to reference other games that reader may enjoy at some point in their review.


While political bias and virtue signaling have become a “problematic” factor in the realm of mainstream game news, alternative news sources such as Focus on the Family’s Plugged In magazine and also ChristCenteredGamer have emerged to offer reporting on electronic entertainment that is not unbiased, but rather reported from a position of stated bias. What that means for the reader is that at ChristCentered gamer they can receive a clear, objective review of a game’s visual and technical qualities in addition to a morality score of its subject matter and storyline.

When it comes to video game reporting, it can be difficult to find good reporting, but by making use of these and other sources, it is still yet possible to find quality coverage.